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Youtube Channel Optimization

Basic and Advanced YouTube must-do optimization steps for anyone using video in their online business Well I’m sure we don’t need to go too much into why it is beneficial to create and grow your Youtube channel, but in case you are not aware of it, here are some amazing

5 Tools To Automate Your Business

You might have already got the idea that your time is valuable and should only be spent on tasks that only you can do and let all the little robots out there take care of tedious tasks. This saves you time, you can scale faster and reduce the damage caused

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Cold Emails

300 emails is what I receive daily in my inbox from various marketers I’ve subscribed to, but also from people simply cold emailing me. Naturally, I notice these emails since they come from a sender I am not familiar with. You know, to check if a prince from Africa wants to send me millions but just needs a $4000 payment first to pay for his cab drive since he left his wallet at home 🙂

Flip Your Funnel

Well today we’re gonna “flip da script” and take a peek at a different type of funnel that allows for a more targeted approach. In today’s data drive, personalized and automated marketing it is possible to take a more precise approach. Instead of starting with a general approach and attempt to

Getting Started With Sales Funnels

A sales funnel can also be referred to as a “conversion” funnel because it can be described as a series of steps you can set up to convert potential customers into paying ones.
The funnel is basically a must in any sales process including of course a JVZoo product launch. Therefore I consider it an important step that requires a closer look and some analysis as well.

Utilizing Video Ads Inside Sales Funnels

In case you are using video in your advertising campaigns and pondering on ways in which video could most effectively shift visitors throughout your conversions siphon, you will find this blog post helpful as it shows you ways to push prospective customers using several phases of the decision-making procedure simply by providing the best video in the correct time.


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