A sales funnel can also be referred to as a “conversion” funnel because it can be described as a series of steps you can set up to convert potential customers into paying ones. The funnel is basically a must in any sales process including of course a JVZoo product launch. Therefore I consider it an important step that requires a closer look and some analysis as well.

To better understand what a funnel is and how it functions, let me take you a step back in history and show you one of the first funnel models that appeared in the marketing world and one that I have learned in my MLM marketing experience.

Awareness/Atention + Interest + Desire + Action or A.I.D.A. for short.

Awareness – well let’s face it, it’s hard to sell a product or a service if nobody knows it’s out there. This is the part where you grab the attention of the potential buyer which expressed interest in your niche and making them aware of your super duper awesome product. I know, I should’ve went with just awesome! This can be done using paid promotion and interest targeting (Facebook ads for example), SEO – ranking your videos on Youtube can be one way to go, although make them “hook” videos, which are short videos that entice interest and leave them hanging with curiosity, or you simply use word of mouth as well, which in this digital form means people writing to other people about your product or service.

Interest – of course that you don’t want people to simply see what you got to offer but rather, you want the first step of your funnel to appeal to their emotions because people buy from emotion and justify with logic.

Desire – yes I almost started singing that song here…There’s a fine line between Interest and Desire mister and if you cross that line…no wait, that’s not where I was going with this….ah right…ok so, you made them aware of your offer, you left them hanging, curious to know more, so you’ve sparked their interest which means they want to know more about what you can offer. However, desire means they feel they need what you are offering. So now they know what you are offering and they want it.

Action – wait, what happened to the lights and the camera? The final step, they are at the finish line, they are looking at the offer, then they look at the buy button, then the video again, then the buy button, then the testimonials, then the buy button, then the 30 day money back guarantee, then the buy button, then into the distance, then the buy button again, omg this is so intense…it’s choice time. Will your product sell??! Well,  if you appealed to their emotional needs, delivered a persuasive justification for clicking that buy button, they will convert from a prospect into a customer…or Thor will smite them down with his magic hammer.
Yes, I totally can’t wait for the next sequel.

The ultimate conversion depends on the optimization of every other step in the process.

AIDA is a great start but is it enough? AIDAS, apart from being the plural of AIDA, has an S at the end which stands for Satisfaction…I can’t get no, oh, no, no, no, hey, hey, hey…khm, got little carried away there, moving on.

The customer can, of course, be satisfied or unsatisfied with your product or service. Great idea during your launch and a bit after is to stay glued to your customer requests and reply to every one of them as soon as you can. Whatever issue they are having, this will present you in a good light and actually increase their satisfaction.

Listen to their feedback and ideas. Ask opinions, create surveys, get the info that will help you improve their experience. You can find out what to modify in your funnel and tweak it for greater performance this way. Also, make sure your support desk responds politely and elegantly if possible to even the most furious clients. I have seen support members kick people out of Facebook groups just because they had something negative about the product and even restricting them access to the product without a refund. This is extremely bad customer service, steer away from that as much as you can. This will have a great impact on your future sales. People talk and you build a reputation with every action you make.

Which brings us to another addition to this funnel model and that is the letter L, based on the McKinsey model, which stands for Loyalty. Satisfaction and loyalty are very much interconnected as you can imagine. Satisfied customers become loyal customers and loyal customers turn into your brand advocates. This means your good reputation starts to grow more and more, which will, in turn, increase your bottom line. So you can look at customer satisfaction as a tool for increasing the overall funnel effectiveness.

Your potential customer viewing your funnel is at different stages as they go through your funnel. This is why every step of your funnel needs its own corresponding content that will appeal to them at the current stage. Information that will affect their actions and persuade them to continue to the next step.

Potato chips are what the viewers are most interested in when they are at the top of your funnel…no, I mean snackable content. Like, when you are in the movies snacking on some ribs but they are not your priority focus, the movie is right…well, that’s what they want. To sort of idly consume it in the form of text, images or videos. So whichever it is, make it short and easy to consume. Like ribs 🙂

When they start to show interest and get hungry for more info, that’s when you can deliver longer content that will appeal to their emotions and desires. In the end, you can direct them to a CTA that will transform their hesitancy into mouse clicking buying action frenzy.

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